The Pirate Log

  • May 14, 2:58 pmFinal 2020 Edition published, the Pirate Log is on summer break. See you in September!


The Pirate Log online publication policy

                The Pirate Log is the online student newspaper for Poteau High School. The content of the Pirate Log is all student generated. It is designed to inform and entertain the student body.  The staff plans to update weekly.  A “Best Of Fall” edition will print in December.  A “Best of Spring” edition will print in May; it will include all senior information including biographies, wills, and prophecies. 


                The Pirate Log will use first and last names to identify students for students who complete the media release forms provided by the school in the orientation paperwork.  Students without a form on file will not be mentioned on the website.

Editorial Policy

                An unsigned editorial represents the views of The Pirate Log, but not the views of the adviser, school, or administration. A signed editorial is the view of the author, but not the views of the adviser, school, or administration.

Letters to the Editor and Posting of Comments

                Readers are encouraged to contribute to The Pirate Log.  They may contribute by writing a letter to the Editor or by posting a comment.  All contributions must be signed. No anonymous contributions will be published or posted. Publishing of contributions will be decided by The Pirate Log Staff.

Correction Policy

                Every effort will be made for factual writing.  If you feel we have published an error, please post a comment on the story. All posts will be reviewed and corrections made in a timely manner.  All corrections must be signed.

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